Chi tiết môn Leading Innovation & Change

MODULE CODE:         SBLC7003

TITLE:                         Leading Innovation & Change

DATED:                       28.10.2015

LEVEL:                        DBA

CREDITS:                    20

JACS CODE:               N100



The aim of this module is to enable candidates critically to evaluate contemporary evidence & core knowledge of theory & models related to leading innovation & change.

From this critique and related synthesis, propose a self-determined model to lead innovation in an organisational context as a concluded evaluation based upon judgements made.



Upon the successful completion of this module, the candidate should be able to demonstrate the ability to:

  • Critique and synthesise the contributions made through evidence reviews and theoretical discourses, the thought leadership and contemporary thinking about leading innovation & change
  • Transform the findings achieved into an executive report of an organisational context upon how contemporary theoretical foundations could positively influence managerial action & intepretation from an independently created model.
  • Summarise through reflection and abstraction the learning insights achieved for personal development to achieve management accession futures.



  • Creating An Organisational Culture for Innovation
    • Innovation Learning in Organisations
    • Innovation Migration
    • The Innovation Genome
    • Exploring the Pentathlon Framework for Innovation
    • Developing With Innovation Strategy Leadership Pathways
  • Leading Innovation
  • Critique Contemporary Leadership & Innovation Theory
  • Leading Change
    • Contemporary Change Models
    • Leading Change, Strategies, Challenges & Realities
    • Leading Change in a Cross-Cultural Environment
    • Organisational Change, Choices, Ethics & Leadership Realities
    • Leading Implementation
  • Model Building for Innovation Leadership