Chi tiết môn Organisational Transformation

TITLE:                         Organisational Transformation

DATED:                       15/01/2015

LEVEL:                        DBA

CREDITS:                    20

JACS CODE:               N100



The aim of this module is to enable candidates to :

  • Contextualise environmentally   driven   organisational   transformation,   select   critically assessed transformation methodologies and then propose contemporary core stakeholder relationship strategies to address perennial shareholder performance gaps.


Upon the successful completion of this module, the candidate should be able to demonstrate the ability to:

  • Conceptualise individually and in groups, in relation to an organisational context, critically assessed solutions and methodologies for organisational transformation driven by performance gap realities
  • Reflect upon the values and insights gained by reviewing contemporary theories and related evidence to understand comprehensively the domain of organisational transformation



  • A Critical Assessment of Systems & Mechanisms for Organisational Transformation
    • The Strategy To Performance Gap
    • Supply Chain Relationship Management
    • Customer Relationship Management
    • Employee Relationship Management
    • Processes & Business Process Re-Engineering
    • Enterprise Resource Planning Systems & Implementation
    • Culture Change Necessities, Barriers & the Stakeholder Agenda
    • Digital Marketing & Social Media Interventions
  • Conceptual Frameworks for Transformation in Organisations, A Critique of Contemporary Theory
  • Performance Assessment & Transformation
  • Performance Management Systems – A Critical Review
    • Contemporary Employee Engagement Systems