Chi tiết môn Strategic Thinking & Critical Analysis

MODULE CODE:         SBLC7001

TITLE:                         Strategic Thinking & Critical Analysis

DATED:                       15/01/2015

LEVEL:                        7

CREDITS:                    20

JACS CODE:               N100



The aim of this module is for candidates to assess, apply and discover through critical analysis the contemporary knowledge contributions to systems thinking to understanding the complexities of human activity systems in selected organisations.

Through this learning, the insights & reflections achieved will enable confident application to propose organisational change with direction, purpose and contextual relevance.



Upon the successful completion of this module, the candidate should be able to demonstrate the ability to:

  • Contextualise a significant organisational contribution in a professional or consultancy role by proposing innovative strategies for resolving organisational situations considered problematic by employing contemporary methodologies for systems thinking.
  • Through reflection, recognise the need for personal development through the inherent challenges faced when applying systems thinking at a critical stage for proposing appropriately assessed organisational interventions
  • Critique the origins and developments of theoretical discourses and advocacy for systems thinking approaches & applications



  • Contemporary Knowledge Contributions to Systems Thinking for individual critique
  • Dynamics of Systems & Strategic Thinking, Holistic Thinking, Design Thinking, Counter Intuitive Thinking, Operational Thinking and Ambiguity
  • The Organisational Context for Application
    • Containing and Expressing Problem and Opportunity Situations & Messes conceived as problematic
    • Critical Analysis and Interpretation
    • Root Definitions for Purposeful Activity
    • Validation for Root Definitions
    • Conceptual Modeling and Model Validation
    • Tensions and Alignment between Problem & Issue Resolution and
    • Real World Challenges
  • Taking the Strategic Perspective as a consultant or manager in the selected organisational context


  • The Agenda for Change Agency as a Decision Outcome


  • Breaking Through Organisational Learning and Self Learning
  • Emergent Properties from Strategic Thinking & Critical Analysis for the individual and the organisational context