Chi tiết môn Strategy Road Maps

MODULE CODE:         SBLC7002

TITLE:                         Strategy Road Maps

DATED:                       15/01/2015

LEVEL:                        DBA

CREDITS:                    20

JACS CODE:               N100



The aim of this module is for candidates, through group consensus, to achieve a conceptual and comprehensive understanding through the critical analysis required to contextualise strategy road maps using core contemporary methodologies to make relevant proposals for business progression.



Upon the successful completion of this module, the candidate should be able to demonstrate the ability to:

  • Reflect to gain learning insights upon individual performance and that of others in a project team tasked with the module assessment
  • Critique and synthesise contemporary evidence for Strategy Map based design & implementation methodologies
  • Create, Adapt and Adopt Strategy Map based methodologies to resolve contextual challenges aligned to proposing a future strategy map to meet stakeholder value expectations



  • Contemporary Evidence underpinning Strategy Road Map Methodologies
  • Strategy, Strategy Determination and Strategy Clarification
  • Strategy Road Map Methodologies
    • Organisational Strategic DNA
    • Value Creation Achieved Through Strategic Effect Relationships
    • Strategy Road Map Conceptual Design
    • Strategy Maps, Structures, Processes, Metric Logic for Measuring Performance
    • Strategic Thrust and Strategy Cascadence
    • Balanced Score Card As A Cohesive Tool
    • Achievement Targets
  • Mobilising the Strategy Map for Implementation
  • Group-based Critique & Synthesis To Achieve Strategy Map Design in An Organisational Context