Chi tiết môn Value Creation for Business

MODULE CODE:         SBLC7000

TITLE:                         Value Creation for Business

DATED:                       15/01/2015

LEVEL:                        DBA

CREDITS:                    20

JACS CODE:               N100




To enable candidates critically to evaluate contemporary core knowledge and apply the comprehensive understanding necessary to make judgements and proposals for present & future value creation in contemporary business.



Upon the successful completion of this module, the candidate should be able to demonstrate the ability to:

  • Contextualise the managerial domain of value creation and then develop relevant methodologies for application within a contemporary or future organisational setting
  • Critique and synthesise contemporary interpretations of value creation and discriminate these to create an independent approach for direct application to a problem or opportunity organisational context
  • Achieve insight, through personal practice reflection, to lead new value creation initiatives under conditions of complexity and organisational uncertainty



  • Advanced Value Chain Analysis
    • Value Network Analysis & Value Bonding -- Value Based Knowledge Networks
  • The Concept of Value Creation
    • Value Addition & Value Erosion
    • Value, Cost, Margin & Profit
    • Resource Combinations for New Value Creation
    • Financial Value added
    • Shareholder Value Creation, Dynamics & Management
  • Contemporary knowledge for business value creation
  • Auditing The Business Model for Value Adding
    • Brand Equity & Brand Values
    • Value Propositions for Business Leadership
    • Value Creation Interventions through Stakeholders
    • Organisational Value Creation within Turbulent Environments Core Values & Organisational Culture as Value Creation Drivers